Friday, 23 May 2014

Back to childhood

    Recently, while I was doing the spring cleaning of the house, I found a box with some of the most precious things from my childhood. This box opened so many memories. Most of those stuff I lost, but here are some that survived.
The first and the most important thing to say is that when I was a child I was obsessed with miniature things. I made everything that I could that resembled the things from everyday life. I also collected different kind of berries and plants, little stones, patches and random objects from other family members. I especially liked if those objects were very old! I enjoyed when somebody would do the house cleaning and throwing out stuff that were not needed anymore, because I was thinking what could I make out of those things, or better say - for what part of the miniature world could I use it.
    Here is the little mix of everything. I used to make themed things: for school, for kitchen, for supermarket (unfortunately those stuff did not survived), for library, lost treasure stuff etc.
The part on which I am most proud of is the little library and two very special little books: one is a little herbarium and other is the comic book about living with a cat that I copied entirely from some normal size book.

This is the little book with funny tips for cat lovers about surviving with the cat in the house - with illustrations.

Covers for  these two books on the left I made from sand and than I colored it with tempera because I wanted the rustic effect on my "lost treasure books".

Here are the accessories for drawing and writing. I made little crayons by breaking some of my old crayons and on the same way I made little pencils. On the bottom of the photo are the two mini pencil cases that I sewed.

So, here we have the products of the little painting class. Unfortunately, I lost little paint brushes which I used to paint these small paintings.

This book shelf I made for my little library books. ( I was not very skillful with my technical practices :)

 These are the objects for the geometry that I made from cardboard.

Here are the accessories for kitchen. These small blue plastic plates are originally taken from the lid of the plastic bottle. In my kitchen those were the "picnic plates". In the middle of the picture is the "fruit cup"with a straw that I made from ear cleaning sticks. Some more of those are in the cup right next to it in different colors. 

The kitchenware holder is actually the part of some old juicer.

Here are the small pillows that I sewed using my grandma's old patches.

And finally, here are some figures. This lady rabbit is one of my most favorite toys from childhood. Originally, she had glasses made of wire and a kerchief . The first figure from the left is the pencil sharpener and it belonged to my mother.

This is a pencil case that belonged to my grandmother. I remember that I was very happy when I got it. I always tried to imagine those times when kids used this kind of stuff in school. Inside of it are the wooden sticks that were used for addition and subtraction.

This fishing float is special because it reminds me of days when I went on fishing jaunt with my family. We spend lots of days in nature. And I loved those raccoon figures. It was my favorite animal at the time.

This is the lady rabbit in her kitchen. Those wooden bowls on the top of kitchen cabinets were actually containers for salt and pepper that belonged to my great-grandparents.

In front of the lady rabbit are the two small rolls of toilet paper that I made from actual toilet paper. Those are the only two things that are left from my mini supermarket goods.